SEO explained simply for you


Do you want to gain high paying clients?

Have you ever searched for a solution on the internet and ended up on a website with low quality content that didn’t solve your problem? So, how did that happen?

Google, Bing and all the major search engines make the ranking rules, and how some of these low quality content gets on the first page of Google blows my mind.

If you do find such content it’s an opportunity to create the masterpiece blog post that you wanted to read in the first place.

If you can provide solutions to a specific problem and target the right keywords along with some other 200 ranking factors written by Brian Dean from Backlinko, I can’t see why Google won’t suggest your website on their first page.

I used to have no idea what people wanted until I learned to use a trusted source of software that shows me exactly what the demand for any niche is.

If you have a blog and you can’t optimize your content for search engines, what’s the point for writing in the first place?

You may already have an audience that love your content, but what’s the real purpose for writing articles if you don’t generate leads organically?

You already know that people search the internet for answers to their problems right? You and I do it on a regular basis. But what happens when you visit a website and the author can’t deliver the solution you were looking for?

What you don’t want is for any visitor or lead to leave your website because you didn’t write engaging content and didn’t give them a legitimate answer for their search query. You want to build trust, which will lead to more opportunities for your company.

How do you write content that drives people to do business with you instead of your competitors?

You get your visitors interested in what you have to offer, you deliver on your promise, and you read the rest of this article.

Here’s what I’ll cover in this post:

  1. Seo explained simply
  2. Why do you need to care about SEO for your website?
  3. How does SEO work?
  4. What is SEO copywriting?
  5. What is content creation?
  6. What is content curation?
  7. How to get a better search engine ranking
  8. How to close the sale

Let’s begin…

1. What is SEO?


Red evolution did a great job summing up what SEO really is. They go on to explain that great content encourages people to link to your pages and that’s what you really want.

How does Google rank pages? For you to rank at the first page of Google, your pages will need to be useful so it will get shared over social media platforms and on other blogs.

Google measures these processes through their algorithms to give the end-user maximum satisfaction.

But you can do SEO in a few ways: Blackhat where you pay marketers to build backlinks to your website, it’s these type of schemes where you buy 1000 links pointing to your site that’s totally irrelevant to your niche. Another way is where you stuff keywords to gain rankings.

But Google now has systems in place which monitors this activities, so trying to be clever may get you a penalty so I’ll rather suggest you do it the right way and avoid these techniques.

Use the whitehat technique where your content is relevant to your headline, good spelling and grammar, with relevant links and references. Do it the right way so you don’t have to worry about algorithm updates in the future.

Then you get on-page of off-off-page SEO, where on-page SEO goes about how you articles are structure, headlines and the content on your page.

Off-page SEO is the other factors which Google considers before ranking your website, like social media signals, and other websites linking to your pages. You can read more about these kind of strategies here.

You will also need to write engaging content that really helps people solve their problems. This way, more top bloggers and content marketers will link to your information and that will benefit you in the long-run.

Now that you know what SEO is, you need to understand the importance of SEO for your website.

2. The importance of SEO for your website?

Do you sometimes feel you are not properly understood by certain people?

According to Moz, search engine robots don’t understand webpages like we do. They have to figure out what your content’s about and how useful your page is to the end user.

There are always problems that jump up in life won’t you agree? Well here are some problems with both inclusion and rankings.


There is a basic plan that you should follow to get your useful content ranked on the first page of Google.

Get your content shared and talked about on social media so that authority site owners won’t mind to link to your posts and pages. But what about Search Engine Optimization?

3. How does search engine optimization work?


You ask a question on Google and in an instant the search engine replies with relevant links to webpages that can answer your query.  It’s all fun and games for you and me because we can explore the world in a few minutes, all thanks to webmasters who make it possible for all of us to find what we need in a few clicks.

Search engines like Google and Bing have crawlers where content is discovered, then indexed, analyzed and stored in huge databases for retrieval through an algorithm in order for end-users to  get a list of pages for their search queries.

Now imagine if you are a website owner. What skills would you need to pull this off? People depend on search engines to give them the right answers and search engines depend on you to write quality content with optimized title tags, internal links, meta descriptions and in depth information that really helps people with their search needs, just to name a few.

It all boils down to the value your page offers to the end user, the keywords you use and the number of authority links that point to your website.

If you know how to optimize your content you will also need to know how to convert visitors into clients, which brings us to copywriting.

4. What is SEO copywriting?


Do you want to make more money? Copywriting is the art of creating outstanding content to persuade the reader to subscribe to an email list, buy a product, consider a free inspection or some other actions that will profit you.

Copywriting is about targeting keywords, creating valuable, useful, compelling content that clients or fans will gladly promote on social media on your behalf. If you want to rank in Google for selected keywords, you will need to increase your website authority through social media and quality backlinks as I said before.

Another benefit of SEO copywriting is that you can focus on your clients’ queries using in-depth problem solving content with a call to action at the end of your posts to tell clients or leads what to do next. So what type of content can you produce?

5. What is content creation?


Have you ever felt like you have no idea what to write about?

I occasionally feel this way but thanks to some cool tools, I can get a lot of ideas from what people actually want. You will need to produce content for your own website to share on all your social media accounts and also be active in guest posting for media firms to get recognized in your industry.

If you want to create content, it needs to be original. So use your own experiences and skill to write persuasive articles that’s useful to your readers.

I’ll suggest you write about case-studies in your industry, observations about how consumers react with your products or services, surveys you did to see what objectives your clients might have for the future, tests you did and what outcome your company got and industry experts you interviewed recently.

Do you prefer visuals over text? Check this infographic from Copyblogger:

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic
Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

Creating original content has major advantages and requires some effort as with all things in life, but if you prefer to gather top notch information around the web and improve it, do learn how to curate content the right way. That brings me to my next point.

6. What is content curation?


If you don’t like to create new content but still want to build an authority website, what can you do?

You will need to research for reliable content sources and mash it all up in an organized manner for your visitors, leads and clients.

No copy and pasting because it’s illegal and just plain wrong. Rather, mention the author in your article where you found the data and write it in your own voice with your own experiences more or less like I do.

It’s not that hard if you have a proper outline for your content. Now that you know how to curate content the right way lets cover how to improve search ranking?

7. How to get better search engine ranking?


I bet every business owner wants their website on the first page of Google right?

I can give you 5 ways to improve your ranking:

1) Publish quality content with targeted keyword phrases and think of what your reader will want to know.

2) Metadata – Use Title metadata for page titles, Keyword metadata for search phrases, and Description metadata that search engines use when they display your page on SERP (Search engine results page).

3) Regularly update your content so search engines can regulate you as an active contributor.

4) Use alt tags to describe your images or videos.

5) Use internal links that are well structured to link your pages together and quality back links that point to your site from authority blogs or publications.

6) Don’t use highly optimized anchor text, rather use branded, naked URLs and long phrases to avoid algorithmic penalties. But I will suggest you read  this article written by Neil where he discusses  5 SEO techniques you should stop using immediately.

If you stick to the basics and see your website as a business by updating it regularly and blogging on a weekly basis, your business will soon be the one everybody is talking about. Lastly, let’s cover how you can close more sales.

8. How to close the sale


Don’t you just hate it when a person approaches you and asks you to buy something you have no interest in whatsoever?

It has happened to you and me. The annoying part is you will find these people everywhere. I’m not saying these people are bad for society, what I’m saying is that these people can certainly approach it differently.

We all need to sell ourselves daily to everyone we meet; some people are just better sales people than others because they know a little secret.

  1. You want to ask a question to figure out if the person you approach needs your product or service.
  2. You then effectively communicate the benefits of your product or services and why it will improve their life.
  3. You then offer the solution by reminding them how they told you previously about their struggles with a certain problem.
  4. You then offer them your services by asking them to work with you. If they resist, ask them why they are not willing to work with you.

The art of selling is not to sell but to ask a question that leads to the answer you offer. You then present your answer by including the benefits and ask the person to act on the problem they gave you with your solution.

Check out this Infographic I created:


Share this Image On Your Site


You want high paying clients right?

Own a responsive website that’s mobile friendly, optimize your content for search engines, write quality engaging content that converts visitors and leads to clients, update your website regularly and get authority backlinks to your content.

When your website gets on the front page of Google you will surely close more sales if you can persuade your readers.

Most of the answers are already on Google, so go ahead and study your way to the top or hire a professional to do it for you.

Need help with your website? Get in touch. I’d like to hear from you.