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Would you like if you could get more clients by minimizing your expenses on phone calls, gasoline and marketing material?

What about receiving phone calls on a regular basis from people who actually want to work with you?

Would that be nice?

I know it would. It’s just common sense.

Get Awesome Website design in South Africa this 2018

✔ Stop wasting your time and money on expensive sales reps who try to sell your product or service to people who might not need it

✔ We get your company on the first page of Google to get your target audience to contact you when they need help

✔ Gain instant credibility with your website when people are searching online for your company in your city

✔ Get a secure encrypted website to protect you and your visitors sensitive information

✔ Give prospects the opportunity to learn more about your business through your website after hours

✔ Here is an index of where we do business

This is what you can do with your own website:

Add unlimited videos to your website

Add unlimited images to your website

Design custom contact forms that’s easy to modify and add multiple fields to know exactly what the client wants

Write and add unlimited blog posts about industry news and upcoming events

Write and add unlimited pages for product and service offerings

Add any color schemes you want

And much more…

You don’t have to do it yourself

Work with one of the leading website design companies in South Africa.

So what would you need to invest to get a responsive website in just 7 days from today?
Only 4800 (whereby 50% deposit before work commences)

From year 2, it’s only 200 pm to keep your business website online and secure.

What do you pay your sales rep per month? What about gasoline, marketing material, etc?

See a website is your online sales person, your website does your talking even after hours…

What is included in this website design offer?

One year hosting (what keeps your site online) and domain (your business name) with no extra costs involved ( or .com).

Custom website design with your business color scheme.

Up to 10 pages. You can then add more pages later, if you’d like.

I will give you a crash course or you can get us to do it for you.

We’ll get you on the first page of Google for local search.

Here are some of the companies we work with:



Rockford Mining

web design 1


VenVest Problast

web design 2

Africa Acceleration Group

Electro-Cam Projects


web design 4

Website design South African

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Every second you waste now is an opportunity for someone else to earn the money you should be making.