Why Does Your Business Need A Website? Curiosity…


Have you ever wondered why does your business need a website in the 21st century?

When I hear about a new company or someone recommends a service or product to me, I usually check whether they have a website, what they have to offer and why people are talking about them.

If you look around at most kids nowadays, you will find them on their phones surfing the internet or Facebook.

I heard a story once from a successful guy who said that if you want to see where the future is going, you should observe children and you will know.

Your website must be mobile friendly today, because mobile internet usage is preferred over desktop. Just have a look at these statistics from ComScore written by Kate Dreyer.

As you can see, a lot of people are using the internet and that’s why your business needs a blog. You have a massive opportunity if you do show up on Google when people search for services or a product you have to offer.

But how do you take part in this massive opportunity? How do you get your site to rank higher on Google with the queries people have?

Your answer is blogging my friend. I know the fact that you need to figure out what to write about is time consuming, not even to mention putting content together in an engaging way so that visitors will read your entire post.

Not all hope is lost. In this article I have put together a few pointers to help you on your blogging journey.

Why your business need a website and why blog for business?


You have to learn from the best to become the best and according to HubSpot there are 4 main reasons why you should start blogging for business.

There may be more reasons, but Corey Wainwright has pretty much nailed it.

1. It drives more traffic to your website in the long run

You want more visitors to your site, including me, but if you have to pay for advertising when you’re a start-up, it’s not wise because you will soon be out of your raised capital or savings.

The most common ways to drive traffic to your site is through social media, blogging and of course search engines.

Don’t you agree that when someone visits your site and finds lots of useful content, they will be impressed?

Well I am. Most websites I encounter with lots of content indicates that the person behind the blog is serious about marketing his business and knows the secret for getting free organic traffic.

Your chances for gaining new clients is just way better when you have more content, because every page you create and publish on your website is an opportunity to drive traffic in organic search as it is one more page Google can index.

But for starters you want to create social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest, because influential people who have a bigger outreach than you can share your content – if they like it and think it can benefit their readers. In the process you enjoy the exposure and gather quality backlinks to your content which means you will rank higher in search engines.

You can keep your social media accounts active by sharing your content on a regular basis.

The benefit of blogging drives new traffic to your website simply and easily.

2. Helps convert that traffic into leads that benefit you

Now that you have established rapport and trust you have opened doors for huge opportunities in the future.

Each blog post you write is another page indexed which generates more visitors and leads for your company.

Most big companies put a lead generating call-to-action on every blog post they publish, with free offers to acquire more email addresses. I don’t really like this method because most companies irritate me with their daily emails which I struggle to filter through among all my other more important mail.

So I usually get the free e-book or gift and unsubscribe after I received it.

I don’t subscribe to email lists anymore, unless I can learn from  people I can trust who value my time and my life and don’t bombard me with their on-going special offers or useless information I don’t want to read.

I do searches a bit differently today than I did a few years back. When I have a question, I usually insert the website’s name or the author I trust at the end of my query in Google and get the answer I seek.

But not everyone is like me. Here’s a scenario of a person visiting your site, and what they might do when you have a call-to-action after every post:

  • The visitor comes to your website
  • They see the free offer, for example an e-book and want it
  • They click the call-to-action button and go to a landing page where they need to fill out your form
  • They fill out the form, submit their information, and receive your free offer
  • You now have their email address to send them new offers as well as helpful information which they might be interested in

That’s how HubSpot and all the pros do it. And you should too.

Not everyone will take your offer, but it’s worth a try to gain more qualified leads.

3. It helps establish authority for your company


Want to be an information authority in your industry?

Most professionals write helpful content based on questions their clients might have regarding the products and services they are interested in buying or have already purchased. It definitely saves time. Or would you prefer receiving phone calls or emails from unsatisfied clients instead?

Write content to answer every question the client might have. It establishes trust and ensures satisfaction.

Let’s say you want to buy a bicycle online but you aren’t familiar with the bike you’re interested in.  Will you buy it if you can’t find any reviews or specs about that bicycle?

Brilliant companies write blog posts to clear up any confusion visitors or leads might have before they make a purchase.

What you also want to do is help people with answers to any problems they might face in your niche. When you help people, they are more likely to trust and ask you for help when they need something.

The awesome part about creating content is that you don’t need to send your sales rep out if the client encounters difficulties along the way. All the client needs to do is watch a video or read the content you created to help them. It will save you time and money in the long run.

4. It drives long term results


How will you feel if you can generate leads when you write about “how to train dogs to sit” for your business which sells protein rich dog food?

You will feel good, right?

The reason you want to write about all sorts of subjects in your niche is to get the right people to trust you, and to share your content on their social media accounts.

You also want to share your content with your own audience on a daily or weekly basis until your content begins to rank in search engines.

After some time you can generate traffic and leads from your articles for years to come, depending on the quality and number of backlinks you get to your content.

Put in some effort today and create quality content that can drive traffic to you in the near future while you are busy working on other projects.

You know, the great part about blogging is most of your leads will be generated through this strategy.

According to Hubspot, 90% of their leads come from blog posts that were published in previous months, sometimes even years ago.

You want to create evergreen SEO blog posts that are continually relevant to readers. Like top tips, lists, how to tutorials, product reviews and videos. That way you have compounding blog posts that will drive you long-term traffic.

If you don’t have time to create quality content yourself, hire a professional copywriter to help you. It’s better to invest in quality content today than to invest in advertisements that might not bring the results you want.

If you want to generate traffic and leads from organic search, this will be your best strategy that will insure a long-term impact for your company.

Now if you want to launch a new product or find out what your existing clients want, blogging is a great way to collect the information you need to move forward without spending thousands of dollars on a product launch that might not work.

Blogging is an intelligent way to get clients while spreading your ideas to the right target audience and helping people who can help you in the future.

What should you blog about?


You know why you should start blogging, but have you ever had writers block where you had no idea what to write about?

It happens to the best of us, but if you stay focused and have a strategic plan you will do just fine.

It can be frustrating if you have a vision yet don’t have goals or a plan to accomplish your dreams, but luckily Ramsay Taplin from BlogTyrant wrote a great article on “What on earth should I blog about? Seriously.

Let’s start.

Remember why you started a blog

What is the purpose of you starting a blog?

You will need to write articles based on what your prospective clients want to accomplish and show them that you have the skill to give them what they want.

You see, the great thing about millionaires and billionaires is that they’re already in the financial position to hire smart people to do the work for them. All you need to do is show them that you have passion and the skill to get the job done and they will hire you.

Not everyone that reads your blog will turn into a client, but some will because they need a qualified person to teach them and competent people on their team.

Create a strategy

Don’t have a strategy?

Have you noticed there are all sorts of similar products on the market and usually one is cheaper than the other but occasionally you prefer to buy the more expensive one?

Why is that?

It may be familiarity right?

Would you recommend Nike as a comfortable running shoe?

I would.

The point I’m trying to make is you will need to get your company’s name out so people can start to talk about you. And the best way is to teach people what you know by helping them.

If you have a garden service, what sort of articles can you write about to get you more clients?

  • 7 Tips for lawn care in the spring
  • How not to cut down a tree with a chainsaw
  • How to make clay soil more fertile
  • What fertilizer to use on lawn in spring

Develop your strategy according to what your clients might want from you.

Get ideas from your competition

There is already great content on Google, my favourite search engine by the way. All you need to do is type your long-tail keyword in the search box and see what appears in SERPs (search engine results page) with your query.

Explore what other websites are writing about and do it a lot better and write in your own voice.

Do not copy and paste other authors content. It’s illegal and bad for your reputation.

Research your competition to know what you’re up against

Start by researching for products or services you offer to your existing clients and see what your competitors have to offer. Also have a look at what they write about on their blog and how you can improve on the information.

You can also check out reviews and see what people have to say about a particular product you’re trying to sell. It may not be the exact product you’re selling, but you will find clues on what you can write about.

See how you can do things a bit differently than your rivals by being unique.

Always add more value. Visitors or leads will be impressed by what you have to provide and existing clients will stay.

Figure out what you want to achieve

You want to make more money right?

Will you say it’s good to have a lifestyle where you have everything you want?

Why are some people making $100,000 a month while others don’t know how?

If its money you’re after, how will you achieve your goal of $1,000,000 in the coming year?

Well you will need a plan, a strategy, a website, content, products and services, the right team members and clients.

Figure out what you want to accomplish and just do it.

Remember the problems you faced

When you started your business, did everything run smoothly?

I remember when I used to under quote for a job just to get the work when my brother and I started a gardening service. It really sucked.

My brother used to freak out when we started with a job and we worked for free, because the job was bigger and  took more time than I expected, which led to just breaking even with some of the projects.

This is when I realized that some companies barely survive because they under quote for a project just to get the contract.

As you know, there are many factors such as time, expenses and tax that are considered before drawing up a quote for someone.

I knew I had to raise our offers to make a profit because what’s the point in having a business when you work for free?

And guess what? I’ve learned that 90% of the clients we got came from the internet and 70% of the people who phoned me had already made up their mind to do business with us before they called.

Now what happened to the other 30% who didn’t accept my offers?

In life you will get people who are cheap and are always on the lookout for bargains, but I ignore these kind because it’s not worth my time and effort.

The secret is to add more value and never settle for less…

Never under quote or you may face bankruptcy! It may be a great headline for someone who is just starting out in business… haha

When you write blog posts that show people the mistakes you made and how you fixed them, it will show them that you are honest and know what you talk about.

Break down your topics in sections

When you have a topic to write about, do you always know how to structure it?

When I was new to marketing products and services online, building my website from scratch, content curation and copywriting, I knew nothing like most students, but I learned a lot from reading books and blogs from professionals around the web.

There is not a day that goes by where I do not read something that does not benefit me in some way.

What I know is that for a business to succeed, the company must solve a problem or fill a need.

When you have a topic to write about, give the reader the problem they might be facing and then a solution for their problem.

Break down the topics you want to write about in each blog post and think of everything the reader may want to know about the subject, then write about it in an engaging, conversational way.

Start writing about what you know and like

Start to write about topics you are currently studying.  It’s a great way to learn and by the same length you teach other people the knowledge you acquire.

The best part about having a website is that not everyone has the interest in owning a website and sharing everything they study. So there is an opportunity if you can write in a way that makes people actually want to learn from you instead of learning from someone else.

It all boils down to how many people you can influence, and giving your audience content they crave or want.

Definitely help people


Have you ever needed help with maths? Well, I did and boy I learnt a lot – what the pros told me was that if I wanted to pass I had to practice every day.

It’s some of the best advice I got as a kid and would recommend this advice to any student struggling with maths. Daily practice makes perfect.

If you can help people with their problems on your website, you will soon have enough recommendations that will lead to huge opportunities for you.

Let me make an example. If you asked me who I think is the best at online marketing, my answer would surely be Neil Patel.


Because I personally learn from this legend and will prefer you do the same if you have time, because he also writes massive helpful articles for content marketers.

You see what just happened?

People trust people and word of mouth is the best advertising method on our planet. It’s your job to get your helpful content in front of the right audience so people can start to trust and talk about you.

Write in a way that even a school kid can understand

Not everyone that surfs the web are native English speakers.

Don’t try to sound clever with fancy words like being indefatigable. If you don’t know what the word means, well, it’s when you show enthusiastic action without becoming tired.

Why not say: That person is persisting tirelessly after a full day in the sun?

I’ve read business books from authors where I had to use Google to understand the words I read.

You see if you know how to use Google properly you can sound like a genius. You just need to know how to ask Google the right questions.

But for the purpose of this article, let me stick to the topic.

Keep your writing simple and easy to understand. Your readers will admire you for it.

Now that you know what you should blog about let me give you some blog ideas.

6 Ideas for epic business blog posts


Have you ever landed on a website that has no blog at all?

I land on them daily and the sad part is most websites don’t have the content I crave. Most websites only have these kinds of pages:

  • Home
  • About us
  • Products and services
  • Careers
  • Contact us

And you know what? Most of the companies I land on only talk about themselves. How good they are, what projects they completed and the list goes on…

Most companies don’t even mention the problems the visitor, lead or client might be facing.

If you can write in a conversational way and make your content about your visitors, leads and clients, you already have a huge advantage over your competitors.

Here is a summary I wrote with 6 ideas to write epic blog posts written by Eric Siu, a contributor at Entrepreneur.

1. Radical transparency for deeper understanding

Do you know an answer to a question that’s not already published on the internet?

It might be your lucky day. You have just found your way to shine. What you want to do with your secrets before you publish them on your website is do a blogger outreach. I’m talking about making friends with the biggest influencers in your niche and writing for them.


They already have a huge audience with thousands of readers every month and they have rich friends, which means you have a chance to impress them.

You remember I told you about how millionaires and billionaires want smart people on their team?

Now some of them might just hire you because they like your article and are looking for a candidate or company with your expertise.

2. The complete “how-to” blog posts

Have you recently read a “how-to” blog post?

It’s one of the top recommended blog posts to create because most readers respond to them.

If you can teach your readers by writing a detailed explanation on how to accomplish a certain task, they will certainly appreciate your hard work and trust you when they need you to perform the task.

You will need to make it very useful as well as easy to understand and include pictures to show them what you mean.

Even videos are a great source for “how-to” tutorials because not everyone likes to read, but everyone will watch a video.

3. Massive list posts that convert

I read list posts on a regular basis and know that some bloggers will suggest you create massive list posts because they rank better.

I will agree and also disagree. Let me explain.

I will agree that a massive list of 101 powerful sales quotes will do better than 5 because quotes are short sentences that’s easily digestible and quick to read.

I will disagree with “155 most effective ways to boost your energy” instead of “5 Guaranteed ways to boost your energy in 30 days”. Which one would you prefer to read?

It’s only my personal experience, so please don’t take it personally.

List posts do work and you should definitely try them out, but try to put yourself in your reader’s shoes and create your posts accordingly.

4. Explore the hard truth

You know what gets me? When I open a post with a catchy headline and there’s hardly something I can learn and its not at all what I expected. All the author did was try to sell me openly or wanted my signup to “get the answer”. Have you ever had the same experience?

Please don’t do it, because people will take note of your company and ignore you in the future.

Rather write a powerful article that people will say, “wow I didn’t know that” or “that author made my day”.

How would you like to read “Why should you brush your teeth with soap instead of toothpaste”?

Well fluoride is a substance in the toothpaste that prevents tooth decay but the truth is, fluoride has tragic effects such as bone cancer, reduces IQ, headaches, fatigue, and the list goes on.

I don’t know what you’re thinking right now, but what I know is when I find articles that give the hard truth about something like the effects of fluoride, it gets me thinking: why do retailers still sell these products if it’s so bad for us?

You can make your own decisions based on the information you now have and decide if fluoride is good for your family and you.

Write articles that people will benefit from reading and you will certainly see the results.

5. Long-form thought pieces

Have you ever read a post with 2000+ words and found it super useful?

It’s just astounding when you read a headline and you find exactly what you were looking for. Don’t mislead people with catchy headlines that produce no results and satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter if you write 1500 – 6000 word articles. If you can satisfy your readers with your content they will appreciate your effort.

People like me surf the internet for answers on a daily basis, and if I don’t find answers to my queries it irritates me because I now have to bounce from one domain to the other to find a solution.

It happens to me a lot, that’s why I use a different approach when I search for answers on Google.

As you know I type my query in the Google search box with the website domain or person I know and trust that produce results at the end of my query and usually find the answer I was looking for this way.

What I like about authors giving away valuable information is that it helps me become better in my trade and I build trust with the person who teaches me.

That’s why it’s so important to help people with their problems – for free – it will earn you credibility and the incredible part is people will talk about you, spreading the word.

Produce long-form quality helpful content and people will stay longer on your site, talk about how great you are, share, like, comment and link to your content and that will increase your search ranking.

6. Original research

I really like to curate content but what I’ve learned is that you need to be original.

Read and study from experts, give them the credit by mentioning them in your article, link to their content – the original source, and write it in your perspective.

It’s the 21st century and I believe most of the answers are already on the internet, it’s just your job to find it and make it more digestible for visitors, leads and your existing clients.

If people trust you, they will stick with you – if you have their best interest at heart.

If you have a company that truly produces magnificent results. Show your readers by using your original research, how you and your team execute experiments, observations or surveys with reports of your own findings.

Start today by becoming an authority site in your industry or get a helpful hand from someone who knows the trade.


Business blogging has major benefits because you help people and create content that other people can link to.

Not everyone likes to write long-form content and some people still believe it’s not necessary to invest time or money in creating useful blog post or articles.

If your goal is to increase your search engine ranking you will have to get authority sites to link to your blog content. You can also ask authority content marketers in your industry if you can write a guest post for them where you link to one of your own relevant useful blog posts that provides additional value added information.

Have a strategy for your blog and create useful content that helps your reader without stuffing keywords, which is a bad SEO practice and will affect your ranking.

With all of this in mind, show your readers what you can do for them and why they should use your products or services instead of your competitors.

I hope you liked my article? Share it with your friends. If you need any help with content curation, creation, or graphic design please feel free to contact me.

P.S. Why does your business need a website? You now know. If you want to grow your business, have passionate people in your team.